The gang over at Anandtech have posted a preview of the EVGA designed P55 FTW motherboard for the upcoming Lynnfield platform.  I’m going to just post a single picture here to wet your appetite but you should over to their site for all the details. 

The EVGA P55 FTW motherboard takes a bow - Motherboards 2

Companies such as EVGA, DFI and MSI continue with a purist approach to PWM design for all major power rails. We happen to sit with the camp that believes in the importance of fast transient response and low noise attributes first. The proof is in the pudding and we’re eager to compare several boards side by side to see if any additional overclocking headroom can be realized that supports the ‘more phases=unconditionally better’ theory.

Initial in lab tests indicates that the only thing that really matters from a user perspective is that the given PWM design is capable of pumping out the required current comfortably and cleanly. The rest comes down to heat management and ease of cooling; anything more seems to be a matter of marketing rather than real substance.