Indilinx has gone from a company that only the most hardened of storage geeks used on a daily basis to one of the more common names dropped in tech discussions.  This is all thanks to the rise of the Solid State Drive and Indilinx’s Barefoot controller.  A quick peek at Allyn’s SSD Decoder Ring shows you just how popular a controller it is.  This implementation is paired with Elpida RAM and Samsung NAND in the Crucial M225 128GB MLC SSD, which should soon benefit from the garbage collection algorithms that Indilinx is developing.  Drop by BCCHardware for a look at its performance numbers.

“While the flash memory inside a drive plays a role in performance of the SSD, the controller plays a larger role. Crucial has opted for the Barefoot controller is the first product from Indilinx and uses an ARM7 processor and works on both MLC and SLC NAND chips. It can provide read speeds of 250MB/sec read and up to 180MB/sec write.”

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