You may remember a nVIDIA video card from a ways back, that was never released in any large number nor bought in any large amount as it was pushing $1000 and no matter the performance, it was simply too much for most to even consider buying.  Those days have returned, with the introduction of the BFG GeForce GTX 295 H2OC.  It is a limited edition card, it is heavily overclocked and it does have a high end self-contained liquid-cooling loop, but it is also $770, including the $20 rebate.  The clock speed of the 1,792MB of GDDR3 memory is 2,214MHz, a 216MHz jump, the core has been raised 99MHz to 675MHz and the shader has been cranked up a whopping 216MHz to 1,458MHz.  All of that adds up to the fastest card the Guru of 3D has seen, as you can tell from their benchmarks.

“BFG have worked their magic again and teamed up with the guys and gals from CoolLIT systems, a company designing sometimes a little awkward yet always interesting cooling products.

As such BFG released two products based on CoolIT’s cooling; here at Guru3D we will test and review the BFG GeForce GTX 295 H2OC (limited edition), that’s a self- contained easy to install liquid cooling solution preinstalled onto the GeForce GTX 295 filled with coolant and everything; this kit has a 120mm fan, radiator, pump, graphics card cooling block, tubing and reservoir all ready to be inserted into the PC for some tender love and care in your gaming experience.”

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