If you are looking for over the top quality, you should introduce yourself to Naim as they have a certain $20,000 CD player you might covet.  That particular CD player shares components with the piece of equipment that Hardware Zone reviewed, but it is not what is being reviewed.  Instead it is the $5000 NaimUniti, a small little device that can handle input from a CD, USB flash drive, Internet radio stations, or streamed music broadcasted over WiFi and output it to a pair of speakers.  If you are worried that two speakers won’t cut it, pick up a pair of $2600 Neat Motive speakers to go with it and maybe go to Monster to shop for some $1500/ft cable while you are at it.

“The NaimUniti music player finally reaches our shores. It can play music directly from USB flash drives, CDs, FM and Internet radio stations, and can even stream audio from your music server or PC. We had a hands-on session with this critically acclaimed music player to see what else it has to offer.”

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