Operation Flashpoint … if you remember it you will either be seeing red and foaming at the mouth with pure hatred, or you will smile and recall those days of no save points; spending 2 hours straight infiltrating an enemy base, destroying convoys and stealing compact cars with which to run people over.   ARMA 2 hasn’t changed that formula a bit, which is good for the military simulation aspect of the game, but not good for the graphics or sounds.  What was hot graphics a few years ago is no longer acceptable.  Drop by Gamepyre to see what else can be found in this flawed gem of a game.
“ARMA 2 is for the most part the same game that the previous games were with a few slight performance changes and a new map for us to explore and play on. The storyline is a big failure in my opinion, but I’m sure there will be some people who like it. The map/mission editor is probably the game’s best feature. Using the editor can keep this game fresh for a very long time; with the editor you can create single as well as multiplayer missions.”

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