Partial upgrades can be great fun, OS installation can give you thrills, heatsink installation can be fun, but the best way to give yourself a big adrenaline rush is to flash your BIOS.  It has been mentioned before in the forums once or twice, but it is worth repeating here on the front page … do not flash your motherboard BIOS from Windows.  Do it with the clunky old DOS interface or with the motherboards own built in tools but don’t do it from Windows, otherwise you will eventually come to know these fine fellows.  For best results, strip your system down to bare minimum and don’t use parts that might work; else you are just asking for trouble.

In the PC Perspective Leaderboard, DDR2 has become extinct as DDR3 prices have dropped to the point where they are well worth it.  This brings up a question for those who are still using a DDR2 based system; is DDR2 still enoughYou can compare prices via PriceGrabberThat also brings up the question of the Core i5; is it worth it to put your plans on hold until it comes out?  Are the rumours of its performance rivalling the i7 920 true?  Will the price of DDR3 drop down once it is released?  Keep your eye on the front page of PC Perspective and watch the podcast so that you can be among the first to know for sure.