Corsair’s new Professional HX850 is an 850W PSU with the usual black styling with blue highlights.  It has a massive single 70A, 840W 12V rail that will keep todays power hungry graphics cards satiated under heavy load, and the modular cabling is very handy.  The PSU not only provides a significant amount of power, it does so with enough efficiency to rate an 80+ Silver rating; which Hardware Canucks were nice enough to provide the exact definition of in their review.  It is not a perfect product however, it is odd that Corsair chose to use two separate cables per PCI-E connector.

“While we hope that overall build quality will not be sacrificed to eke out the best possible efficiency numbers, some companies have made sure their old “high quality, high efficiency” mentality stays is place. As you may have already guessed, Corsair has been fighting with all hands on deck to ensure output quality remains top notch while efficiency numbers increase. One of their latest creations is the HX850; a power supply that promises to take this merry bunch of buccaneers to the pinnacle of power supply supremacy.”

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