The PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, which you should keep an eye on for updates in the near future, is a great way to look at what parts are out there that can assemble a great PC at several price levels.  Some enthusiasts need a bit more detail, like which southbridge can handle which flavour of RAID; others need a bit more guidance to welcome them into the world of the DIY PC.   Others are getting sick of the prepackaged (sometimes literally) solutions for CD/DVD burning as the software hits middle age and starts to bloat in ways which do not tend to help the speed at which it runs.  Not everyone is looking for a new build, of course, some are scratching their headstrying to figure out which component it was that the magic smoke escaped from.   Some others gaze longingly into the future at parts yet to appear.

However you choose get your information about parts past, present or future, make sure to include our Podcast, as well as our forums in your list!