Allyn took his tall stack of SSDs on a series of benchmarks to see what effect the size of the drive has on performance.  With various sizes of this new storage available, it is worth finding out if size can change the performance you see from your shiny new drive.  Of course, that is not all that he tested.  There are different controllers, flash memory types and a new feature we will see from Windows 7 called TRIM, which is to help repair the damage done to drives through heavy usage.  Some SSD makers were content to use TRIM, others went and designed their own repair methods.  Find out what worked best in his full article.

“It’s great to see added competition in the SSD field. These new units from PhotoFast, OCZ, Corsair, and Crucial will only help increase SSD adoption by the masses. While the Samsung and Indilinx controllers did not perform as well when equipped with smaller capacities of flash, they still did well overall, and will do fine when mated with lower power mobile platforms such as laptops and netbooks.”

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