Enermax is getting into the budget case business with their Enermax Staray, a case that will set you back all of $60; letting you save a bit of money to so you can pick up a high end Enermax PSU presumably.  The $60 version is the one with a single 120mm fan with blue LED included, the 3 fan version will run a bit more if you really want to pick it up.  As the case remains exactly the same, the only change being the number of included fans, it is probably smarter to pick up the less expensive case and choose your own fans to use.  It is lacking an eSATA port on the back, however the holes for an external radiator do make up for that lack somewhat.  Drop by Hardware Secrets for the full story.
“”Staray is available in two versions: with one Apollish fan with blue LEDs (ECA-3170- BL) or with three Apollish fans with red LEDs (ECA-3171-BR-AP), which is the model we reviewed. Of course the model with three fans is more expensive than the model with just one fan. Let’s see if this case is a good pick.””

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