AMD is once again at the top of the silicon hill with the release of the fully DX11 compliant HD5870; yours for only $379!  This single GPU card does more than just beat the GTX285 at the same price point, it can use EyeFinity!  This will let you turn three LCD monitors into one virtual monitor with an odd resolution, for instance 7680×3200 stretched over 6 displays. Though Ryan used only three monitors the effect is still very impressive.  If you are an nVIDIA owner feeling a little down at the thought of removing an expensive nVIDIA card or two from your system so you can take advantage of the new HD5870, don’t feel bad just wait 30 days.  Lucid has finished work on their Hydra multi-GPU chip for motherboards and we will be seeing the first motherboard that includes it on about 30 days, the Big Bang from MSI.  Ryan has seen it able to utilize both an AMD and nVIDIA card in a multi GPU system, so hold onto that GTX285 and just pop in the new HD5870 when the motherboard arrives.

All that and there is still Intel’s Larrabee over at the IDF to talk about as wellTheir CPU looks like it might be putting the GPU out to pasture in the not too distant future.

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