At $50 you may well expect that the NZXT M59 is just another value case that might have reasonable cooling but will look just like all the other black value cases out there.  That is not exactly true, as NZXT has gone out of their way to give the front an top of this case a different look.  Some differences are less obvious, the filtered intake for the bottom mounted PSU for instance.  A mix of up to five 120/140mm provide you with air flow and while it doesn’t have a removable motherboard tray, there is a large enough hole in the back plate to allow easy swapping of heatsinks.  If your curiosity has been peaked, drop by Bjorn3D for a closer look.

“Although they all serve the same purpose, PC cases are the source of first impressions when looking at a computer. Some have flashing lights, some have endless drive bays, and I’m sure there are some that will even make your coffee in the morning. No matter what the standout feature is, a case is there to hold all of the components together to tame the wild hardware inside.

Many times when putting together a parts list for a new build, the last thing that is thought of is the case. Sure you have the top-end CPU and videocard, SSDs for your data and gigs of RAM, but unless you have a case that is designed to house the latest hardware, you are at a standstill. Luckily NZXT has recently released the M59 gaming chassis. The M59 brings together a plethora of features that most users like to see in a case, all at a great budget price. Don’t be swayed away from the M59 because of it’s budget pricing; this case has great potential for builds of all natures. Let’s take a look at what the $60 NZXT M59 can get done.”

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