Trine gives you a chance to play three characters at one, a fighter, a thief and a mage that are all trapped in one body.  You switch between them to progress through the game as each have different abilities.  The fighter comes with a large sword suitable for bashing through hostiles and physical objects.  The thief has a bow and arrow which can be used offensively or combined with a rope to give you access to otherwise impossible to reach areas.  The mage has the most interesting ability, he can move objects and summon blocks and bridges.  Head over to GamingHeaven for a look at how enjoyable the game truly is.

“TRINE starts off with a beautifully presented background story on how three individual characters end up in the same treasure room – all touching the same magical object, which has the effect of combining them into one deity. The voiceover is extremely effective and I immediately warmed to the game just from the initial presentation. The merged characters must find a way to free themselves from the same body while clearing the land of the evil that pollutes it.”

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