Taken straight from the horses mouth, Intel’s plans to dominate the mobile computing market have taken a huge step forward at the IDF today.  Clarksfield has arrived and the three processors available offer the power of the Core i7 architecture in a mobile form.  Legit Reviews were gifted with a Clevo W870CU Whitebook powered by an Intel Core i7-920XM clocked between 2-3.2GHz depending on the current processing load.  The heatsinks inside are very impressive, not just to cool the CPU there is also a GeForce GTX 280M to keep cool.  Power consumption is also an issue, watching a 1 hour TV show will deplete your battery completely.  On the other hand 3D Mark Vantage score of 6474 is not too bad for a laptop!
“Based on the current 45nm Nehalem micro-architecture, the Intel Core i7 mobile lineup consists of three Clarksfield processors. The flagship mobile processor is the Core i7-920XM Extreme Edition followed by the mainstream Core i7-820QM and Core i7- 720QM. The new platform brings the two-chip design to laptops which will increase efficiency when compared to the three-chip design of the Penryn-based mobile platform. With the memory controller now on the CPU and IO controlled by the PM55 Express chipset, we should see the mobile market catch up with the desktop market in terms of performance…”

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