Halo 3:ODST is here to the great rejoicing of casual gamers who know no better.  As Ars Technica is quick to point out, this $60 game was originally planned as an expansion pack and it seems that they delivered exactly that.  If wandering around the mostly empty streets of New Mombasa looking for clues and audio cues with occasional fighting is your idea of a great time then head out and buy it.  You won’t have to invest much time as it will probably take you 4-6 hours to finish it.  There are some polished bits to this … Firefight mode sounds like fun and in co-op mode both you and a friend can be the only Spartan on the battlefield. 

“Halo 3: ODST was created in around a year, with a smaller team than past Halo titles, and was originally conceived as an expansion for Halo 3. Later, ODST was turned into a full product, with a few additions to try to make it a little more worth it for fans of the series. Not only does the new title boast a full campaign that features co-op, but the game includes every multiplayer map ever released for Halo 3, and a few extra for good measure. Buying the $60 release also gets you access to the Halo: Reach beta, when it goes live at some future date. Finally, there’s also the Firefight mode, which puts players in a number of settings and then throws wave after wave of enemies at them.”

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