Two big news items today, one of which has been kept secret and one that we knew was coming.  First from AMD we have the HD5890s little brother, the HD5850.  In many ways it is similar, 1GB of GDDR5 and support for EyeFinity are the most important features it has kept.  The differences come in the sheer power available which is less than the 5890 but still far ahead of the HD4890.  See for yourself in Ryan’s full review.

The second big announcement comes from nVIDIA and is a preview of their new Fermi architecture.  Ryan has put a lot of detail into a two page article covering the technical specifics that we know and some thoughts on what it might mean.  With an architectural change of this magnitude it is hard to guess exactly what effect it will have on a running product.  Learn about the future of CUDA and nVIDIAs’ cGPU initiative.

“From a gaming angle, which is obviously one of our primary targets at PC Perspective, we don’t yet know how the Fermi architecture will apply. While I am doubtful that NVIDIA will be sharing any information about new products, frequencies, etc during the GPU Tech Conference today, if we find anything out we will be sure to share it. But even if clock rates remain the same as we currently have on the GT200 the architecture should perform damn well – after all we moved from 240 SPs to 512 SPs and have a new GDDR5 memory bus that is 384-bits wide.”

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