Do you have every possible USB port on your motherboard and header, plus purchased an extra add-in card just so you could fit a second LED lit personal fan onto your desk without having to unplug either the drink cooler or the drink warmer?  Perhaps it is that the eerie glow from your external HDD keeps you up at night; or maybe you just want to use less power? 

Whatever the reason you have, the PC TrickleSaver will turn off your external USB devices when you aren’t using your PC.  Drop by Hardware Secrets to see it in action.

“Some time ago we published an interesting article called How Much Power Do Electronic Equipment Consume When in Standby Mode?, where we discovered that some external peripherals like speakers do consume energy when theoretically turned off or when they are in standby mode. Some manufacturers released products to address this issue and one of them is PC TrickleSaver from TrickleStar, which is connected to one USB port from the computer and shuts down automatically all your external peripherals when your PC is off, coming with an appealing USD 25 MRSP.”

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