P55 based motherboards have been previewed all across the web over the past few weeks, Ryan has a stack almost as tall as himself.  We have become quite familiar with their capabilities to over clock easily, the features they carry depending on manufacturer and series, but until today we have not seen performance numbers.  The secret is out, expect all the P55 reviews you see from here on out to sport solid benchmarking data from at least one of the three Lynnfield processors. 

Start your re-visitation of the P55 series at [H]ard|OCP where they have posted results from their tests of the MSI P55-GD80.  It really impressed them overall, with special mention to an overclocking tool that works as advertised.

“MSI pulled out all the stops in designing P55-GD80. This motherboards sports the new P55 chipset supporting the Lynnfield Core i5 and Core i7 processors. From its sharp looks to its bullet proof design, this board looks about ready to take its X58 based brethren head on.”

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