In what seems like a rather strange move, BFG has released their EX-1000 PSU for sale in Best Buy, exclusively in the US.  It would seem obvious that enthusiasts looking for a 1000W PSU would not even have Best Buy on their list of supliers to search for bargains, but there you will find it for a price of $200.  If you do happen to want to pick up the PSU, check out PureOverclock’s review of this 80 PLUS Bronze PSU with low noise and high exhaust temperatures.

“In today’s economy many people need to be frugal, which is often very difficult when shopping for a kilowatt power supply. However, we may be in luck today since we’re looking at the BFG EX-1000 power supply, a very sleek kilowatt modular unit that promises performance for those on a tight budget.”

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