If you have gone out of your way to set up a nice HTPC system in a case that looks like a high end stereo component, pulling out a wireless mouse and keyboard ruins the illusion.  A device like the Logitech Harmony 1100 which is a high tech remote doesn’t quite capture the feeling that some HTPC enthusiasts desire.  Why not pick up a controller that wouldn’t look out of place in Space 1999?  The Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer will fit that bill, plus it has a scroll wheel built into it which the Logitech does not.  Pop by Digital Trends for a look.

“Question: How do you point with a circle? Answer: It’s a trick question – you can’t point with a circle. Fortunately for Hillcrest Labs, designers of the Loop Pointer, you don’t actually need to point the device to control the cursor on your home theater PC, PlayStation 3, or Apple TV.”

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