DDR2 has hit the price point where you will no longer see it appearing in pre-built systems, just as it has almost disappeared from enthusiast systems.  DigiTimes has seen that the average price of DDR2 has hit congruence with the average price of DDR3 as it continues to becomes more expensive to buy.  As less companies order DDR2 from factories it becomes a custom run to produce it, therefore costing as much per unit to make as DDR3. 

We at PC Perspective saw this coming, not a single system in the Hardware Leaderboard has used DDR2 in several months.

“Recent spot prices for DDR2 1Gb 800MHz chips climbed to US$2, according to DRAMeXchange. The growth momentum accelerated faster than previously expected, and may enable upstream memory makers to stage an early turnaround, industry sources have commented.

Average pricing for DDR2 1Gb 800MHz chips rose 4.04% in one day to close at US$2.00 on September 25, according to quotes gathered by DRAMeXchange. The eTT segment also surged 5.55% to reach US$1.94, the firm added.

Nanya Technology, Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) and ProMOS Technologies have suffered losses since the second quarter of 2007. Inotera Memories fell into the red in fourth-quarter 2007, and has also remained unprofitable since.”

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