If you are patiently awaiting the arrival of the HD5890 and its ability to provide 3D accelerated graphics on 3 LCDs screens and are passing the time by watching other people play then Guru3D is the place to be.  Of course they try flight simulators and racing games, but the FPS and strategy games also get a look in their review.  Head over and see of you can break their bandwidth streaming all the videos.

“With the release of Radeon series 5800 comes a new feature. It’s called Eyefinity. Eyefinity in short is having the ability to connect multiple monitors to your graphics card and create an extreme native resolution. It allows you to setup two to six monitors, combine them and make one massive screen.Guru3D will put this to the test today as we combine three 24 inch Dell monitors and try out a good number of games. The idea is to create a much more immersive state of gameplay. Especially for flight simulators , racing games and strategy games where you like to have a big field / area to play in it enhances visibility, this feature could just be really grand.

Wanna have a look ? We are going to show you some video’s … of ATI Eyefinity as well.”

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