These laptops embody the opposite side of the mobile scale to netbooks.  They are heavy, they are hot and they will eat a battery in under an hour; they are the Core i7 based Clarksfield series.  The Core i7 820QM and 720QM will be showing up in notebooks soon and not just from extreme boutique builders like Falcon Northwest and Alienware, one is even speced at the $1400 mark.  Once Arrandale hits we might see them in a more portable form, but until then drop by ExtremeTech for a look at some Clarksfield whitebooks in action.

“It’s been a rough year for PC makers. New processors and chipsets were a yearly event for Intel, but the slow economy and the struggle to unload current inventory pushed back the hottest chip release for laptops since Centrino 2. The Core i7 processor, codenamed “Nehalem,” created quite the buzz in the desktop community, tearing up performance charts and tempting performance enthusiasts to abandon the aging Core 2 Duos. Thankfully, every Intel chip that ends up in a desktop is usually followed by a mobile version. At the Intel Developers Forum this year, the chip giant kicked things off with three top-shelf mobile Core i7s, codenamed “Clarksfield”: The Core i7-920XM (Extreme), the Core i7-820QM, and the Core i7-720QM. The launch is focused primarily on high-end and gaming laptops that are also affordable, given upcoming systems will cost less than $2,000. In speed, Clarksfield reaches new heights of performance—and we have the benchmark numbers to prove it.”

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