In a move that is being ascribed to poor popularity, third party extensions to Skype, called Skype Extras are being phased out.  They included services like emoticon enhancements, backup services, and music player plug-ins.  No new addons will be certified and existing ones will be phased out as their certificates expire.  If you work with Skype Extras, take the advice of this Slashdot link; either stop developing your next killer Skype app or find a different source of income for when your current app’s licence expires.   The rest can carry on as normal.
“Developers and users will have some adjustment time, though. Skype won’t certify any new submissions, but it won’t yank support for existing Extras either, that is, until their certificates expire. You’ll still be able to install existing Extras through the Windows desktop client, and you’ll still see them featured in the Skype shop. Skype will also continue to maintain its public API. Since many Skype Extras are sold to users as premium content, the shut down also has a financial impact for profiting developers. They’ll have […] until December 11, to continue using Skype Credit. Developers will need to submit a final invoice by January 25th; after that Skype will shutter its third-party shop.”

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