$69 seems like a reasonable price for a mouse with the highest DPI available on the market and that is the MSRP for the CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse.  Dual lasers, an OLED screen to inform you what your current settings are and an LED that can switch between 7 different colours to give your gaming hand some moonlighting.  Does it live up to your expectations?  Find out over at Overclockers Club.

“One of the really great features of this mouse had to be the on-board memory which allows you to store settings and eliminates the need to install the software on the computer to use it. I was very much surprised and impressed by the LED features of the mouse. I like the ability to change between 7 different colors on the LEDs. On that note, this mouse had to be the most customizable I’ve ever had. I really came to appreciate the bleeding edge 5600DPI and the precision of the dual tracking lasers is quite astounding.”

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