Cool Age are based in Korea and are looking to build a reputation for quality heatsinks with their X120TF cooler.  It comes without a fan, which can be a blessing if you happen to have a preference in 120mm fans.  The fan choice will have an effect on the performance of the heatsink, but you will be building from a solid base.  Tech-Reviews managed to get an i7 920 up to a rock solid 4GHz and never saw 80C.  It looks like this is a company to watch.

“Cool Age, a company you’ve probably never heard of before, is starting to stir up some competition in the CPU Cooler market with their newly revealed X120TF heat sink. The Korean heat sink manufacturer has managed to develop a heat sink boasting 6 copper heat pipes and a unique fin design which Coolage call ‘Wind Tunnel Technology’. But is this CPU Cooler really all what it’s cracked up to be? Today we’ll find out in our review on the Coolage X120 Transform.”

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