Great news to all you insomniac gamers who set themselves up for an all night gaming session only to have your graphics card suddenly flake out on you.  Galaxy now offers 24 hour technical support for Canada and the US; so you can get back into your game, even if it is 2AM.
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong September 29, 2009 – Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. a leading global manufacturer of graphics accelerators, today announced that it has increased tech support to 24 hours 7 days per week to serve customers in the United States and Canada effective from October 1, 2009.

“As Galaxy continues to grow in the retail space we felt this was a must to show customers that if they need help with one of our products we will be there to answer their questions with a live person any time day or night,” said Ric Lewis US Sales.

Galaxy products can be found on the shelf at Best Buy, Microcenter, CompUSA, and Fry’s and at leading etailers like, TigerDirect, and