Missing Remote has published a comprehensive guide on getting your audio off of your PC an onto another audio player.  Specifically they explore your options in ‘converting compressed lossless audio formats into LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) for output over the HDMI or analog connections to an AVR‘.  That may sound technical and you would not be wrong in thinking so, however, they have put a lot of effort into making the process as clear as possible.  Dive in and make your audio quality match your HD video output quality.

“While video quality is important, I find that it’s the audio that really transforms a good movie into an immersive experience. As challenging as it can be to get flawless video playback working on the HTPC, enabling proper lossless multi-channel audio playback adds another layer of difficultly into the mix. In this guide we will discuss the different options available for getting full fidelity HD audio off your PC and into the Audio/Video receiver (AVR).”

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