Instead of an FTW or a Rampage, EVGA has opted to name its new motherboard the X58 SLI Classified.  This is their flagship board, with 4 PCIe 16x slots, a total of 9 SATA channels and 1 eSATA and 8 channel Realtec Audio along with a host of other extras.  It does lack 2oz copper shielding, 32 phase power and other features we have seen with the competitors high end x58 boards, something which may have contributed to the host of problems [H]ard|OCP encountered with this board.

“EVGA decided to take the Intel camp by storm with its introduction of the X58 SLI Classified on to the Core i7 scene. Boasting a vast array of overclocking features and hardware optimizations, this could very well be the board to beat…”

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