The AGP slot has some serious staying power and the folks at VisionTek have ensured that it will stay around in old systems sitting around chugging on Distributed Computing projects and in low heat and noise situations like streaming video and recipe websites in the kitchen.  VisionTek has managed to convert an HD3650 into an AGP card, and while the AGP bus is inherently slower than PCI Express, the sheer power of the new DX10.1 card blows away the old competition.  Bring some life back to an old system with some help from this review from Bjorn3D.

“I am sure there are plenty of you out there who are trying to get that last year out of your old AGP machine. While the CPU’s may be many years out of date, you can still try to make it just a little bit longer with a new graphics card. If you fall into this category then VisionTek has your back. They have managed to convert the PCIE native signal from the 3650 and convert it into one that works with the AGP bus, but what happens if you don’t fall into this category?

Perhaps you want to gain some more PPD on folding, but do not have an extra machine to fold with. Well you can use this 3650 to fold, and increase your PPD on an old obsolete machine. You may be just someone looking for a new AGP card after your onboard video on your older motherboard decided to die on you. You certainly shouldn’t pass up a card like this, because you may find the extra power useful down the road. Anyway you look at it, this 3650 AGP from VisionTek is your best bet to breath new life in an old AGP machine.”

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