IDF is all about 32nm and according to Intel, 32nm is all about mobile usage.  Ars Technica delves into the minds of Intel’s mobile division in an attempt to divine when we might see x86 based System on a Chip based smart phones.  Their belief is that we shall see two separate families of 32nm processors, a fast but electrically leaky version and a significantly slower version that will not leak.  It is not hard to determine which version will be found in desktop processors and which shall be used to compete directly against ARM.  Once the IDF gets underway we will know more about this, as well as what Intel plans to do with their huge push to be first to release 32nm CPUs.

“The impending 32nm process transition will take center stage at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum. Here’s a quick preview of the process that Intel hopes will take it directly onto ARM’s turf in the smartphone market.”

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