We have seen a lot of different P55 boards from a lot of different companies, except for the makers themselves.  The Intel DP55KG Extreme Series is their $209 flagship motherboard, sporting quite a few features, though perhaps not as many as other competitors.  6 phase power and some electrolytic capacitors might scare off the hard core enthusiast, but the board is worth taking seriously.  Check out its benchmark results at Benchmark Reviews.
“Benchmark Reviews had the opportunity to review and launch two new Lynnfield processors from Intel: the Core i5-750 and the Core i7-870. While these were the stars of the launch, it wouldn’t be a complete platform without the motherboard. Released in parallel with the two processors, is the Intel P55 Express Chipset. In this review, we’ll examine the new chipset in detail and take a closer look at Intel’s flagship DP55KG Extreme Series Motherboard.”

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