While not really in the same category as the Zune, the 5th generation iPod Nano has arrived on the scene with camera and LCD in tow.  Features new to this tiny MP3 player are varied, a full-featured FM tuner application, a pedometer, a Nike+ receiver and a voice note app have been added, while keeping the ability to store and play your music.  The screen is 2.2″ @ 240×320 pixels, more useful to young eyes but still handy to keep track of which app you have been using.  Ars Technica was a little disappointed with the camera it lacked auto-focus as well as the ability to take still pictures.  If you are looking for a tiny SD video camera that can count your steps, take a look at their review of the iPod Nano.

“Once again, we have taken a look at the new iPod nano to see if its new features are cool enough to keep it at the top of Apple’s bestseller list. And, since video is one of the nano’s major new features, we compared its video quality to other pocket video cameras.”

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