Steel Series was showing off their new mouse, the Xai at the latest hot vacation spot for H1N1, the Penny Arcade eXpo.  While it is a gaming mouse, with 8 buttons and a variable DPI it has two interesting features you might not expect.  It can function without a driver, meaning that all its buttons will work; something that cannot be said of all mice though it is becoming much more common.  The second is that it is an ambidextrous mouse, leftys and rightys should both find this mouse comfortable and disease free.  Check out why it is one of OCMODSHOPS favourite mice in their preview.

SteelSeries was on hand at PAX 09 to show off their new gaming mice, the Kinzu optical mouse and Xai laser mouse. These mice are superior to the Ikari in some respects, but some users will still prefer the Ikari for its comfortable shape.

One of the biggest claims that mouse manufacturers have today is that their mice are completely driverless. Steelseries makes this claim for the Ikari, and it is true, but you still can’t get full functionality of the mouse without installing the included software. The horizontal tracking, profile switching, and several other key features must be toggled using software.

These issues are resolved starting with the new mice from SteelSeries. The Kinzu optical and Xai laser have a smaller, ambidextrous form factor, but the electronics are greatly improved over the Ikari.”

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