At the start of the review that Bjorn3D wrote about Darkest of Days, a new time travelling FPS with some interesting twists, the game sounds like a lot of fun.  Bayonets are almost as fun as a chain saw, and when was the last time you waited as your character slowly works at his muzzle loading gun instead of just slapping in a new clip?  In most cases you will be using period weaponry, but the trailers does show an attack of Roman Legionnaires being repelled by machine gun fire.  Everything was fun and games until their Radeon powered test machine died at the Pompeii level.  As it stands, this game can only be completed with an nVIDIA card; consider yourself warned.

“Darkest Of Days is a type of game that immediately sucks you into the plot, keeps you there, and throws a whole lot of baddies at you. But this game is not like the everyday average FPS, because this time we don’t allways have access to the most advanced weaponry known to man kind, instead we have the most advanced weaponry of that time. Then on top of that you fight in some of the most famous battles in history. If you think you gonna just go through this game and be able to just to lay waste the baddies with out a care in the world, well there’s another slight twist, you can’t kill the guys who have a blue aurora around them, shoot them and it is all over.”

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