A small brushed aluminium box that resembles a high end receiver hides inside of it just enough space for an HTPC.  The Luxa LM100 has a simple front panel with a small LCD display and a cover hiding firewire and other connectors.  Cooling comes in the form of several 50mm fans and any CPU heatsink you desire, as long as it is shorter than 10.2cm.  Check out SPCR’s final verdict in their review here.

“SPCR’s exploration of new mini-IXT cases continues: The Luxa2 LM100 Mini is as far as you’ll get from a junky beige box – it is downright beautiful. It’s a highly priced, high quality, low profile Shuttle-like enclosure with a sturdy and elegant aluminum body, a small LCD display and remote control. How fares it against the more pedestrian boxes from Antec and Silverstone that we’ve reviewed recently?”

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