After all of the preamble and waiting, the Lynnfield core has finally arrived in the form of the Core i5 750, the Core i7 860 and the Core i7 870.  If that isn’t confusing enough, you can hold hope that the Core i6 might show up soon.  The two i7s come with hyperthreading, as their name implies, the sole i5 does not; all use DDR3 but not all Core i7s can use triple channel memory. 

The marketplace for CPUs has become very odd, but it is not in a unpleasant way as we see new levels of power savings and efficiency from a processor without seeing sacrifices in performance.  Indeed in some cases the efficiency of the new architecture exceeds that of its predecessor.  You’ve waited a long time to meet Intel’s new architecture; Ryan is waiting to introduce you.

“Intel’s new Lynnfield Core i7 and Core i5 processors weren’t intended to win overall performance crowns, but they came closer than many expected them to in our testing. Lynnfield indeed brings the features and performance of the Nehalem architecture to a new price point and market and in doing so will likely spark a wave of PC enthusiast upgrades this fall and winter. If the performance of these parts didn’t blow you away, then perhaps the outstanding performance per watt did, or even the performance per dollar?”

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