Ryan is not the only one impressed by the new multi-display technology AMD was displaying today, may sites had the exact same reaction.  Take The Tech Report’s initial thoughts on Eyefinity, for instance.  They watched Dead Space being played on six Dell 30″ monitors, @ 2560×1600, or in another way of speaking, more than 24 megapixels of 3D action @ 7680×3200.  No details forthcoming on the GPU or memory yet, but it won’t be long before we get to see some solid data.

“AMD’s answer at the moment is a new feature it calls Eyefinity. Here’s the basic concept: through the magic of its next-generation GPU and an array of compact DisplayPort connections, a single GPU can drive up to six high-megapixel displays for gaming at resolutions that boggle the mind. The example I saw in action today looked like this…”

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