This time it is their online office solution taking aim at Google Docs and TechReviewSource was one of the few who were gifted with access to the beta version.  As you’d expect, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available, along with OneNote all in a scaled down cloudy reflection of their Office Suite counterparts.  The ribbons may have been trimmed, but it is still obviously a beta as there were problems; the an inability to insert pictures into PowerPoint being an example.  Head over for the full preview, and if you use MSN check your SkyDrive to see if you have access yourself.

“Microsoft just today made the beta of its Office Web Apps online service available to select users and we got access to it and took a look around. It’s by no means feature-complete and there are actually many bugs that prevent it from being used in a production fashion right now. However, the concept of being able to edit and create Office documents anywhere from the world from the Web app interface is an incredible powerful and flexible thing to have. The Web apps are limited in functionality, but they will be perfect for quick jobs while on the go.”

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