MSI’s Lightning series of overclocked graphics cards have garnered a large following thanks to the ease in which you can install a card that is already proven to run at higher than stock frequencies.  Their newest is a 275GTX Lightning with its GPU pushed up 67MHz and 1792MB of memory clocked 32MHz higher than stock.  In [H]ard|OCP’s testing this equated to some rather nice performance, the problem came with MSI’s MRSP which is in the range of the superior 285GTX.  Still the card is impressive and the included MSI Lightning Afterburner overclocking software helped to win a Silver Award.

“MSI has brought a sleek and sexy video card to the market with the N275GTX Lightning. But with its high MSRP and its late release into this generation of video cards, what kind of value can it actually give us moving forward? We’ll compare it with a stock NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 and AMD Radeon HD 4890 to find out what this technical masterpiece has to offer.”

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