This week has been busy, mostly with the release of Lynnfield finally upon us.  Ryan has done an outstanding job explaining how some Core i7s now fit LGA1156 motherboards while others are on the older LGA1366.  We also delved into the repercussions of losing the third memory channel and moving the PCIe controller directly onto the processor, along with many other tech topics in this weeks PC Perspective Podcast.  There are still other CPU discussions of interest, from the effect it will have on the pricing of the older Penryn models to AMDs movement on the multiple core front.

It wasn’t all Intel’s Lynnfield processors this week, as AMD has pulled off a rather incredible trick with their HD5870 Six card and the technology now know as Eyefinity.  Six displays per card with some demonstrations utilizing 4 cards to power 24 LCD displays and 3D gaming on six monitors with a single card.  It has a lot of people talking in the forums.