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Final Thoughts

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 35

The HTPC 8000 is a very elegant media center case that should appeal to more mature, family-oriented consumers looking for a case that will match their home decor and not look like a typical PC. It still has many of the same functions a basic computer has, but nMediaPC went a bit further and included room for an optical LCD module, the ability to use different types of flash cards to view movie files, pictures, and other documents. They also gave the entire case an old-fashioned theme that has a nostalgic feel to it. This case can also handle a couple full size graphics cards, which is usually one of the limitations that are associated with typical HTPC cases.


nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 36

I’m not sure what type of wood was used to create this case, but the red stain creates a cherry wood effect, which should blend into many different types of home theater and entertainment systems. I also liked the “attention to detail” touches like the etched markings on the top panel and the use of gold screws that match the front panel’s weathered look.

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wood ATX Case Review - Cases and Cooling 37

If I had any major issues with this case, it would be the missing LCD module that should come standard with the HTPC 8000. I haven’t reviewed one HTPC case that didn’t come with some type of LCD or character display to view playlists, news feeds, and even e-mail. I also think the design and size of the case is a bit awkward because I don’t think it will fit in many entertainment centers. It will most likely have to sit outside of the home theater setup, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an HTPC system.



We found the HTPC 8000 at for $129.99 with free shipping. We also found this case at for $99.99 (before shipping costs).



We’d like to thank nMediaPC for providing the HTPC 8000 for our review today. Being the first vendor to create a production wood PC case is definitely an awesome achievement and we hope other vendors follow their lead to create their own works of art with wood. Just as acrylic cases were once taboo, wood PC cases also have the opportunity to become a unique part of the PC case market. The HTPC 8000 has a lot of potential for being an awesome HTPC as well as room to become a home theater and gaming system too. The ability to handle dual graphics cards, four hard drives, and a full-size ATX motherboard puts the HTPC 8000 in a class of its own.

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