With the arrival of Lynnfield comes a new interest in dual channel DDR3.  Many may opt for a pair of 3GB DIMMs, or four 2GB DIMMs there are quite a few that will settle for 4GBs of total system memory, especially if it is fast.  Take Kingston’s  HyperX KHX1600C8D3K2 which is designed to run at 1600MHz, but was easily pushed to over 2000MHz by Overclockers Club.  The latencies and voltages had to be changed so little that it seems the memory multiplier lock that stopped them from going further.
“At the rated timings and voltage, these modules scale all the way to 2000MHz without so much as an increase in voltage. To get above 2030MHz, I had to bump the cas latency and TRCD to 9. This took me all the way to 2180MHz, 580MHz (290MHz) over the rated speeds, all without the help of massive voltage increases. At this point, I was left speechless! Kingston has come a long way from the times when I could do no better than 2MHz over the rated speed on some DDR 400 HyperX modules that currently reside in a system build for a family member years ago.”

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