You would not commonly associate ExpressCards and SSDs, but that is exactly what Wintec decided to do with their FileMate SolidGO 24GB ExpressCard Ultra SSD.  If you have an ExpressCard slot on your PC or laptop, this device will provide you with read speeds of 115MB/s and write speeds of 65MB/s.  Bizarrely, that is exactly what the manufacturer claims, as well as what the testing at ModSynergy found, showing Wintec to not try to push numbers that no one else sees in their testing.  If you don’t have an ExpressCard slot, there is a USB 2.0 connection, but that will lower your speeds significantly. 

“Just how fast data storage technology has advanced over the years, it never stops amazing me. It always advances at such incredible speed, and once you think you have the best, largest or fastest device, something other comes along that supersedes what was possible.

Recently, I had the chance at sharing with you two truly unique USB flash drives where one was tiny and the other being tough and rugged. Today I will be reviewing a new product from Wintec Industries that is based on the newer SSD technology, which has been gaining much attention. SSD (solid-state drive) technology actually isn’t totally new but rather rearranges existing flash technology in order to provide a better alternative over traditional magnetic hard drives that we are accustomed to for so long. Today we review the 24GB Wintec Industries FileMate SolidGO 24GB ExpressCard Ultra SSD.”

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