Fans of BFG’s products are probably quite familiar with their Phobos line of pre-built PCs.  They are top of the line systems, with nice looks and full of great BFG components to get you great gaming performance.  There is a portion of the enthusiast community that cannot bring themselves to buy a pre-built system, if they can’t assemble it themselves then they have no interest.  That desire is not usually limiting, but in the case of the Phobos system, there are 2 different models of PSUs that were not available for purchase separately, until recently.  The LS-1000 and LS-1200 rate as 1000W and 1250W respectively. Drop by [H]ard|OCP to see if these PSUs are worth picking up to put in your system.

“BFG Technologies has recently gotten into the business of fully built computers called Phobos. While most of our readers may not want a computer built for them, you certainly want high quality components when you do build one. BFG Tech has recently started selling the 1kw and 1.2kw OEM computer power supplies previously reserved for Phobos owners only.”

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