Google is looking to replace the old standby for email, SMTP, with a high performance javascript program called Wave.  It would even seem that the much maligned Chrome Frame plug in for IE was specifically to allow use of Wave, as Microsoft disbelieves in providing a high speed javascript rendering engine for its browser.  Wave bears more resemblance to a threaded forum or Twitter, but it is server and client based, so can be used in large networks but at the same time it is decentralized and can be run independently of Google.  Drop by Ars Technica and sink your teeth into an application that you may be seeing a lot of in the future.

“Many of the underlying standards that define modern e-mail technology were originally developed in the 1980s. Almost 30 years after the birth of SMTP, e-mail is still the dominant Internet communication medium despite its significant limitations and increasingly anachronistic design. Supplementary services like instant messaging and microblogging have emerged to fill in some of the gaps, but virtually no attempts have been made to build a holistic replacement for e-mail. Our most important day-to-day messaging infrastructure remains intractably mired in antiquity.”

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