Anand has constructed a huge 27 page treatise on the current state of the SSD market.   Starting off with a look at the basic technology of using flash for your primary storage medium and finishing with a look at some of the available drives, he takes you on a long journey through this change in storage technology.  You will learn about the various controllers that are used in the drives, with Indilinx being the most common and most thoroughly examined.  There is also a close look at TRIM and other garbage collection methods, as the old style of defragmentation has a very different effect on SSDs.  Check out his article and maybe keep Allyn’s decoder ring handy while you do so you can see the commonalities and differences between drives, be it size, controller or other factors.

“What have I gotten myself into? The SSD Anthology I wrote back in March was read over 2 million times. Microsoft linked it, Wikipedia linked it, my esteemed colleagues in the press linked it, Linus freakin Torvalds linked it.

The Anthology took me six months to piece together; I wrote and re-wrote parts of that article more times than I’d care to admit. And today I’m charged with the task of producing its successor. I can’t do it.

The article that started all of this was the Intel X25-M review. Intel gave me gold with that drive; the article wrote itself, the X25-M was awesome, everything else in the market was crap.”

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