CPU launches are coming fast and furious this year, with the possibility of more before the year is out, making it a great time to be an enthusiast.  Mind you, even the best of us can have trouble keeping up with the latest features present on a CPU, how is someone just starting (or restarting) in the world of computer going to figure out which processor family they should be considering, let alone which model.  That doesn’t even touch on the cases, which one has to also be very careful in choosing lest they cook the components or purchase one too small to hold all their chosen parts.  Graphics fans had better be willing to devote serious time to keeping their GTXs and X2s straight and their generation current.  Even the diagnostic software needs to change, mostly to keep up with the aforementioned new CPU families.

Don’t spend all your time slaving away at piles of data and component lists, we filter some of the best in tech for you on the weekly PC Perspective Podcast.  Perhaps one of the most important topics we touched on this week had nothing to do with tech, but on something much more valuable.  Ryan has become involved in a raffle for a very sick little boy, donate and not only do you get a chance to help out the family you also get to have a chance to win some serious hardware, including a new HD 5870!