We know all about the P55 motherboards that will support the upcoming Lynnfield processor, from features to retail price.  On the other hand we officially know nothing about the performance of the Core i5 series yet, though unofficially there have been a few leaks.  Now, Hardware Bistro has published a review of a family of Socket 1156 coolers from Arctic Cooling, extending our knowledge of this unreleased chip.  Luckily, it also works on socket 775 so they can show some cooling performance numbers.
“With the new socket release by Intel, Arctic Cooling has responded to it with their new series of CPU cooler in May 2009; Alpine 11. Among these Alpine 11 coolers, we will take a look on Alpine 11 Pro which is the highest end CPU coolers among the rest of the two coolers. Basically Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 Pro is an entry CPU cooler which is targeting entry market with limited budget.”

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