Sure, Legit Reviews did have to push the voltage over spec to 1.75V and bump the QPI up to 1.35 but they hit a huge memory overclock.  It wasn’t even necessary to go that far to get to 2200MHz; they simply asked for it from the DIMMs and they provided, no voltage tweaks or any other BIOS tinkering needed.  Read about Kingston’s insane HyperX DDR3 4GB 2133MHz Memory, but if you want to pick it up be ready for an equally insane price.

“if you are into overclocking, the Kingston 2133MHz HyperX T1 memory kit (KHX2133C8D3T1K2/4GX) has got you covered. We were able to reach 2200MHz by just upping the base clock of the system. Reaching 2300MHz was as easy as setting primary timings to 9-9-9. With very little tweaking and minor voltage adjustments, we hit 2400MHz! Getting big numbers from this memory was extremely easy. This is by far, the fastest memory I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Sure, you can get higher bandwidth numbers on a Triple Channel X58 system, but in terms of raw MHz I haven’t had anything else that can touch it!”

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